We all have a different idea of what quality of life means to us. However we look at it, sooner or later, our quality of life has to do with the state of our relational connections. Whether it’s one’s connections to loved ones, friends, or to the outside world in social contexts - our ability to significantly connect with others impacts the quality of our relationships.

Loss of hearing, whether complete or partial, is, unfortunately, one of the quickest ways to compromise one’s most cherished moments. The inability to adequately and effectively communicate acts as a proverbial anchor in our relationships, leading to misunderstanding, confusion, frustration, and in time, disconnect.

Good things happen when people can hear. Opportunities can not only be seen but can also ring out. What started as a way to purchase a hearing device has led to many moments of connecting to friends, loved ones, and the world around us. At Kind2Hearing we restore communication and strengthen connections with hearing solutions that free people up to celebrate incredible moments, inspiring others to do the same.

Everything we do is to help people hear life as it is and to share the sounds and moments that matter most. We believe that being able to hear and share our experiences makes our products more meaningful, bringing magic to life. 

The founder, and CEO of Impact Hearing Systems witnessed the hardships that the hearing/audiology industry faced. His lifelong dream to import essential technology-driven products and offer them to the South African market. He traveled to Europe and the USA to visit the Worlds best Hearing-technology distributors. Wanting to help, create hearing awareness, and seeking solutions to help all people with one of life’s principal senses, hearing.

With his entrepreneurial background, and after a good deal of thinking, he gathered his thoughts. Upon returning to South Africa, he put his thoughts to paper in handwriting that only he understands; and on the 1st of May 2007, he created a company that would provide a solution to the gap in the South African hearing industry.

Every great idea starts with a problem. This one was clear. Hearing awareness was no simple task, and hearing devices were too expensive. Over 466 Million people require rehabilitation to address their hearing loss. This alarming quantity encountered a contradiction. It takes the average hearing impaired person up to 7 years to address their hearing loss. The hearing industry was also isolated and restricted.

When Impact Hearing Systems opened its doors as a wholesaler with one of the William Demant Group product ranges (SONIC), times were tough. Introducing this unfamiliar brand into South Africa's Hearing Industry wasn’t easy. The founder and an associate, travelled across the country to introduce their products to the private sector through marketing and networking. Only after six months did the company have a breakthrough and sell its first 2 hearing devices!

Following a lot of preparation, research, and praying Coetzee, Moolman, and Associates came into existence, and Kind2Hearing opened their first practice in Wonderboom, Pretoria on January 1st, 2008. Over the past 13 years, Kind2Hearing has grown its national footprint to over 30 practices.

Our expert team of dedicated Audiologists, KindCare Consultants, and Client Relations personnel are solely focused on healthy hearing and enhancing lifestyles and personal hearing needs. We offer a variety of services and pride ourselves as market leaders when it comes to our customer service.

Today, Kind2Hearing is a trusted healthcare provider, helping customers discover unique hearing experiences and a regained sense of independence. As every hearing situation is unique, we first and foremost aim to understand every individual journey and needs.

At Kind2Hearing we believe that we have a responsibility towards our clients, as well as our staff. Our clients only get the best service, and we walk the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. We develop lifelong professional relationships with our clients, as our approach is one of continual service delivery, and not merely a once-off sale or service delivery. Kind2Hearing has extremely loyal clients and that is the testimony that we aim for!

We also value each and every person that is part of the Kind2Hearing family. We aim to appoint only the best people to work in our practices and at our Head Office. It is important to us to grow and develop the careers of our staff and we continually enrich our people’s professional knowledge with seminars, group training and individual training. We also contribute towards our Audiologist’s mandatory Continual Professional Development, as stipulated by the Health Professions Counsel of SA (HPCSA). We have various levels of management at our branches and provide the opportunity to grow and get promoted.

The Kind2Hearing Family has grown since 2008 at a rapid pace, with loyal clients and valued staff. We are privileged to be able to provide a platform for people, whether client or staff members, to become part of a company that values hearing!